Everyone just loves to talk
about the weather.

And everyone wants to know how it is going to be - every day.

Cumulus Media produces moderated television and radio weather forecast programs in Munich with Claudia Kleinert, Sven Ploeger, Karsten Schwanke and Donald Baecker, four popular presenters within the First German Program - ARD. Our goal is to provide the public with accurate, informative and entertaining up-to-date weather forecasts and to inform about special weather conditions and hazards faster.

The current weather conditions Glimpse at the TV-weather-studio
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Wetter vor acht

FilmMag Interview

Bavaria Film Studios evolves into a climate neutral location. A FilmMag interview with Sven Plöger, André Heim and Christian Hunold about global climate protection and local milestone project

Interview at FilmMag No. 6

FilmMag Feature

Relaunching the “Tagesthemen” studios also included to custom-tailor Bavaria Film City’s weather studio. Since then, the weather moderators can be seen in full size, walking across parquet fl oors, with their natural shadows following. The custom-tailoring was a challenging job.

FilmMag Nr. 8

Cumulus Media GmbH ist ein Unternehmen der Bavaria Film Gruppe.

Cumulus Media GmbH is a subsidiary of Bavaria Film Group.