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Cumulus Media GmbH

Cumulus Media GmbH based in Grünwald/Geiselgasteig was founded in fall of 2011 as a subsidiary of Bavaria Film GmbH. Managing Director is Christian Hunold. The shareholders are Bavaria Film GmbH (74,9%) and Studio Hamburg GmbH (25,1%).

Since January 2012, the company located on site of Bavaria Film Studios in Geiselgasteig produces daily TV-weather forecasts. In addition to the various TV weather forecast programs such as the live broadcasted „Das Wetter im Ersten" and „Tagesthemen-Wetter" as well as regional weather broadcasts for WDR, SWR, NDR, RBB, Cumulus Media also produces forecasts for radio programs and forecast clips for the internet.

The moderators have been very popular for their timely, entertaining and generally intelligible presentations for years and are highly qualified: Claudia Kleinert, Sven Ploeger, Karsten Schwanke und Donald Baecker.

For the production of these programs, BPS -Bavaria Production Services- has equipped its studio 11 fully with HD live-recording and real-time rendering graphics technology. It is embedded in the modern infrastructure of the Bavaria video center and provides the technical requirements for fiber-optics data transfer to the TV-stations. Here, 7 days a week 365 days a year, live production takes place. Every day up to 12 different programs are being produced and transmitted. Cumulus Media produces about 5000 TV-weather forecasts per year- and that since 2013 even in the sense of "Green Production", i.e. without polluting the climate with greenhouse gases.

Partner for the meteorological measurement, analysis, interpretation, and graphical presentation of the weather data is MeteoGroup, one of the worldwide leading weather services which for their forecasts can rely on their own close-knit network of measuring stations. Also on the Bavaria Film site a professional weather station is operating (measuring visual range, air and ground temperature, humidity, air pressure, sunlight, wind speed and wind direction), providing data to MeteoGroups mainframes every 30 minutes as a part of MeteoGroups total network of over 800 own weather stations in Germany. From these measured data of the own weather stations as well as many other data and climate models, the daily regional and national forecasts are then calculated in complex processes.

Cumulus Media and MeteoGroup have a highly qualified team of producers and meteorologists - top meteorologists with highest international prizes of synoptic in Central Europe: of quite crucial importance for the high quality of weather forecasts is the team of highly motivated meteorologists who independently do research, gather information, evaluate, prepare and deliver backgrounds. Especially in extreme weather conditions, the team lays the foundation for the optimal weather forecast program. Our meteorologists are absolute weather freaks and live out their interests even in their spare time.

The know-how collected at different customers is to every-ones benefit and will make sure that we are getting better.


Cumulus Media GmbH

Christian Hunold
Managing Director

Bavariafilmplatz 7
D-82031 Geiselgasteig


Cumulus Media GmbH ist ein Unternehmen der Bavaria Film Gruppe.

Cumulus Media GmbH is a subsidiary of Bavaria Film Group.