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Green Production

Since 2013, Cumulus Media is producing "climate neutral". This means that during the production and transmission process of our weather programs the climate will not be charged with greenhouse gases.

For this, Cumulus Media benefits from its location within Bavaria Film Studios. Here, through measures such as heat supply with environmentally friendly geothermal energy and power-supply from 100% hydropower, a reduction of CO2 emissions by more than 95 percent have been achieved. The remaining, not avoidable emissions are offset by investing in climate protection projects.

Cumulus Media GmbH was awarded for the compensation of greenhouse gases concerning its project "Weather production 2013" through additional climate protection measures amounting to 32.193 kg CO2 equivalents. A biomass project is being supported in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The weather forecast programs by Cumulus Media are the first television productions in the Bavaria Film Studios, in which the sense of "Green Production" is consistently implemented.

FilmMag Interview

Die Bavaria Filmstadt hat sich zum klimaneutralen Standort entwickelt. Ein FilmMag-Gespräch mit Sven Plöger, André Heim und Christian Hunold über globalen Klimaschutz und lokale Leuchtturmprojekte.

Interview im FilmMag Nr. 6

Cumulus Media GmbH ist ein Unternehmen der Bavaria Film Gruppe.

Cumulus Media GmbH is a subsidiary of Bavaria Film Group.