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Technical details of the weather studio and MCR

Cumulus Media is part of the modern production environment of Bavaria Studios. Here, we operate the ARD weather Studio. Studio 11 was established as HD-capable Television Studio for weather forecast programs. It offers the possibility of the technical connection to the ARD-main broadcast-center. Technical service provider is Bavaria Production Services. Along with the meteorological unit of our partner MeteoGroup, Cumulus Media can rely on one of the most modern centers for the production of weather TV.

HD MCR – main components

  • Vision mixer – 2 M/E Snell Kahuna
  • Monitoring via 24 Zoll -TV-Logic-Diplays
  • Audio mixer Yamaha D 100
  • Vision control (2x OCP 400 & Sony BVM-F-170 Klasse 1 OLED)
  • Ulimatte 11 – HD-Chromakey
  • Server K2 Solo
  • crossbar 64 x 64
  • graphic engines (Vizrt) – real-time rendering engine
  • Sony PDW 1500 XD-Cam HD recorder
  • Intercom Riedel Artist
  • Sennheiser microphones 1046
  • wireless in-ear-system for the hosts

Studio 11

  • ca. 50 sqm, aircon
  • Greenscreen cove in L-shape
  • Light: 7 x Topas 330, 10 x Topas 220, 5 x ARRI-650, ca. 8 KW, 48 channels “Smartfade“, DMX
  • 2 HD-cams Ikegami GVG LDK 8000 Elite/ 9“-viewfinder
  • 2 Fuji- ENG-HD-lenses, 22x
  • 2 „Vinten-Teal“- studio-tripods with Vinten Vector 70
  • DCF-clock & timer
  • Laptop & „Scoopy“ - codec for radio weather forecasts  

Camera 1 and 2 cover the host as the foreground for the Ultimatte 11 (HD - Chromakey). The background is provided by the VizRT-Engine. A Snell Kahuna serves as vision mixer. „Crawls“ are inserted by the preview-engine. TV-Logic-Displays provide the monitoring in the master control room. For program- and preview-signals we have 2 LVM242W-Displays.


The ARD-stations receive our weather programs via fiber optics (BNS) in HD. For all connections redundance is being provided.

Power supply – UPS

Studio, master-control-room and transmission is secured by an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), in the second step a diesel-generator is prepared to take over.

Cumulus Media GmbH ist ein Unternehmen der Bavaria Film Gruppe.

Cumulus Media GmbH is a subsidiary of Bavaria Film Group.