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Product details

1. weather forecast in writing

This extremely local weather report and prediction is updated at least once a day (if necessary more often) and provides you with all the important details for the planning of the shooting - with a forecast on maximum 14 days in advance. Delivery will be in German or English language as text in an email and will be sent to the production manager at the set. Operational changes to the substantive focus of the forecast are possible by notification within a maximum of 5 h.

Costs are adjusted to the extent of the forecasts:

2. weather forecasts and advice by phone

Of course, we offer direct contact with qualified meteorologists. This can give you an overview of the development of local weather very quickly and can help to answer technical questions straightforward. Also special requests are served promptly.

„Best Practice“-examples

Example 1:
A motion picture was filmed for 5 days outside the studios. The first weather report could clarify already 1 week in advance if the shooting would be possible. Given that, the logistics could be planned exactly. The scenery and the technology were very susceptible to wind and rain, so the weather was very critical. Later, after the 'yes' to the shooting, it had to be decided more operationally: one weather report delivered for the first time 2 days before filming provided the unit management and the production daily with all necessary and individually tailored details for the production. The forecast always arrived to the customer early in the morning via SMS in English language. So the shooting could be scheduled safely, efficiently, and logistically optimized. The costs of about € 700 were about one per cent of the total costs for these outside shooting days.

Example 2:
A two-day photo shoot could be done only in certain lighting conditions and rain. Our meteorologists informed the customers before about the weather conditions to implement the schedule with sufficient handling time. Later, the telephone hotline on the set was used on both days to maximize short-term logistics. This service cost only € 220, yet ensured the entire shoot with 12 people before and behind the camera.

Cumulus Media GmbH ist ein Unternehmen der Bavaria Film Gruppe.

Cumulus Media GmbH is a subsidiary of Bavaria Film Group.