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Cumulus Media in collaboration with MeteoGroup - one of the world's largest private weather service providers - offers for photo shoots, film, TV and commercial production of any size - meteorological expertise as logistical support of outdoor shooting and production. Here you get your customized regional forecasting to plan and schedule outdoor shootings and events. You also can locate regions, who meet the required conditions of your screenplay in your time slot as close as possible.

If the weather is the leading part…

Weather is a crucial factor in any outdoor production. With location-specific weather forecasts of MeteoGroup, you can plan your production perfectly in advance. You stay on schedule, within budget, and can greatly reduce downtime. The forecasts of MeteoGroup are not created automatically, but for you by trained meteorologists and they contain the relevant weather parameters and thresholds for up to 14 days in advance. Additionally meteorologists are can be reached 24/7, to advise you in critical weather conditions - in German or English.

  • Optimize planning, security, set construction and lighting
  • Reduce downtime to a minimum
  • Time and exact regional forecasts as text via email
  • Flexible update times according to your wishes
  • Weather hotline 24/7 accessible
  • Aviation weather for the use of helicopters, planes and drones
  • For any production, commercial or blockbuster production

Accurate regional forecasts provide high security!

It is possible to meet precise regional weather forecasts with an optimized forecast model, with our own measurement network (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and with the experience of MeteoGroup.

Finally, not only the mood of the team on site, but also security and budget are dependent on by the factor of weather. With individual forecasts you can optimize each production day and avoid off-times or damages to sets and stages.

Numerous national and international productions already trust our production weather service.

Our partner MeteoGroup is Europe's largest private weather service. With over 400 employees at locations in Europe, the United States and Asia, MeteoGroup initiates and implements meteorological innovations. Since 1986, MeteoGroup services a wide range of industry-, media- and private-clients with high-quality weather information, innovative visualizations and custom solutions, helping to make optimal decisions.

Learn more at www.meteogroup.com.

Cumulus Media GmbH ist ein Unternehmen der Bavaria Film Gruppe.

Cumulus Media GmbH is a subsidiary of Bavaria Film Group.